Dexedrine vs vyvanse for studying

Ask doctors free. Top answers from doctors based on your search:. Lynne Weixel answered. Read More. Send thanks to the doctor. Alan Ali answered. Dexedrine dextroamphetamine : Not advised. Both are stimulants.

William Singer answered. Same: Dexedrine is dexedrine sulfate, as is Vyvanxe. If the duration of action of Vyvanse lisdexamfetamine after maximizing the dose, still leaves a time Get help now: Ask doctors free Personalized answers.

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Elizabeth Finley-Belgrad answered. Poor tolerance: Sound like you are not tolerating the current meds, might try a different stimulant or strattera a non-stim"adhd" med-not likely to have such SE-lo Louis Cady answered. Desoxyn methamphetamine : Desoxyn is the "thermonuclear bomb" of adhd treatment. It is literally fda approved, pharmaceutical grade methamphetamine.

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I have personally used it Howard Gurr answered. Linda Callaghan answered. You should not take another amphetamine at the same time. Minocycline is an antibiotic and no View 2 more answers. Carla Enriquez answered. Yup: Adderall xr, concerta, daytrana, vyvanse, quillivant, strattera intuniv, Kapvay are longer acting. If the onset is slow, the crash is minimal. Valerie Cacho answered. Similar: Hello, Vyvanse lisdexamfetamine is the chemical structure before turning into Dexedrine.

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We call a chemicals such as Vyvanse lisdexamfetamine a Johanna Fricke answered. Stimulant titration : Initial low doses of stimulants are titrated up to optimal doses over a few weeks' time, unless significant side effects occur at a lower dose. An adult dose of : Vyvanse lisdexamfetamine 70 mg. If you are a rapid metabolizNew to stims? Read our wiki.

Need a place to shamelessly turn simple ideas into walls of text? Just taking a break from a marathon fap session? Curious about dosages, drug interactions and such? This is a place for all things stims! We're all for having fun and swapping crazy stories. Looking for help quitting stimulants? Or maybe just more serious stim discussion? Click the button below. Methamphetamine AMA. Street Amphetamine AMA. Adderall AMA. Cocaine AMA.

Doors Are Fucking Sketchy. Direct Vyvanse vs. An answer, finally, for my past self and anyone else new to pharma stims who's wondering. Dexedrine self. I thought this was going to be a simple, straightforward question I only didn't know the answer to because I was a newbie, lack of experience, just beginning to make a lane change into the fast lane. But to my puzzlement, nobody gave me a straightforward answer. It seemed like one of those things where nobody knows and yet pride dictated that nobody wanted to admit that they didn't have a clue.

Posted tweaky rants about other stimulants and formulations that were of only tangential relevance at best in the comments, hijacking the threads. Told me I should be on some other totally different formulation.

Commented incoherent gibberish. Finally fed up and sleep-deprived after an all-nighter, I got into it with one guy setting off an epic chain of absurd banter, a good-old-fashioned "flame war" that IIRC turned weirdly sexual at one point.Dexedrine and Adderall are brand names for two of the most widely prescribed stimulant medications used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly known as ADHD.

The medications share a similar set of possible side effects, risks, and warnings. But there are some small differences between Adderall and Dexedrine that may make one more suitable for some people than others. Dexedrine and Adderall both contain forms of the synthetic compound amphetamine, which is a central nervous stimulant.

Researchers still do not know exactly how amphetamine works. There are two active forms of the synthetic compound amphetamine: dextro d -amphetamine and levo l -amphetamine. Of the two forms, d-amphetamine is considered the stronger of the pair. While the two forms of amphetamine differ in their makeup, both have proven effective for the treatment of ADHD since the s. Dexedrine contains the active ingredient d-amphetamine, while Adderall contains a mixture of immediate-release d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine.

Extended-release formulas of Adderall, such as Adderall XR, generally contain equal measures of immediate-release and delayed-release d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine.

Dexedrine is also available in a sustained-release formula Dexedrine Spansulecontaining time-release d-amphetamine. Currently, immediate-release types of Dexedrine and Adderall are both approved by the U.

dexedrine vs vyvanse for studying

The extended-release types Dexedrine Spansule and Adderall XR are not approved for use in children under the age of 6. Dexedrine Spansule is also not approved for use in individuals over the age of People should take Adderall and Dexedrine first thing in the morning and again in the early afternoon. Adderall XR and Dexedrine Spansule usually only need to be taken once a day, ideally as soon as someone wakes up.

People should not take stimulant medication late in the afternoon or evening, as they can make it very difficult to sleep. Adderall and Dexedrine both take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to show an effect and 3 hours to reach their highest levels in the blood.

Both Adderall and Dexedrine have also been shown to be effective for around 4 to 6 hours depending on the dose. Adderall XR and Dexedrine Spansule also both take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to show an effect, but take between 7 and 8 hours to reach peak blood levels.Lisdexamfetaminesold under the brand name Vyvanse among othersis a medication that is a derivative of amphetamine.

It is mainly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD in people over the age of five as well as moderate-to-severe binge eating disorder in adults. Common side effects of lisdexamfetamine include loss of appetite, anxiety, diarrhea, trouble sleepingirritability, and nausea. Lisdexamfetamine was approved for medical use in the United States in Lisdexamfetamine is used primarily as a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD and binge eating disorder ; [14] it has similar off-label uses as those of other pharmaceutical amphetamines.

Reviews of clinical stimulant research have established the safety and effectiveness of long-term continuous amphetamine use for the treatment of ADHD. Current models of ADHD suggest that it is associated with functional impairments in some of the brain's neurotransmitter systems ; [23] these functional impairments involve impaired dopamine neurotransmission in the mesocorticolimbic projection and norepinephrine neurotransmission in the noradrenergic projections from the locus coeruleus to the prefrontal cortex.

Amphetamine is used by some athletes for its psychological and athletic performance-enhancing effectssuch as increased endurance and alertness; [43] [44] however, non-medical amphetamine use is prohibited at sporting events that are regulated by collegiate, national, and international anti-doping agencies.

Pharmaceutical lisdexamfetamine dimesylate is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to amphetamine products or any of the formulation's inactive ingredients.

Products containing lisdexamfetamine have a comparable drug safety profile to those containing amphetamine. Lisdexamfetamine is an inactive prodrug that is converted in the body to dextroamphetamine, a pharmacologically active compound which is responsible for the drug's activity.

The optical isomers of amphetaminei. Lisdexamfetamine was developed with the goal of providing a long duration of effect that is consistent throughout the day, with reduced potential for abuse. The attachment of the amino acid lysine slows down the relative amount of dextroamphetamine available to the blood stream. Because no free dextroamphetamine is present in lisdexamfetamine capsules, dextroamphetamine does not become available through mechanical manipulation, such as crushing or simple extraction.

A relatively sophisticated biochemical process is needed to produce dextroamphetamine from lisdexamfetamine.

Smart Drug Review: Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) *Use CAUTION*

The half-lives of amphetamine enantiomers differ and vary with urine pH. The prodrug lisdexamfetamine is not as sensitive to pH as amphetamine when being absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract; [14] following absorption into the blood stream, it is converted by red blood cell -associated enzymes to dextroamphetamine via hydrolysis.

Lisdexamfetamine is a substituted amphetamine with an amide linkage formed by the condensation of dextroamphetamine with the carboxylate group of the essential amino acid L -lysine. There are many possible names for lisdexamfetamine based on IUPAC nomenclaturebut it is usually named as N -[ 2 S phenylpropanyl]- L -lysinamide or 2 S -2,6-diamino- N -[ 1 S methylphenylethyl]hexanamide.

Amine functional groups are vulnerable to oxidation in air and so pharmaceuticals containing them are usually formulated as salts where this moiety has been protonated.

dexedrine vs vyvanse for studying

This increases stability, water solubility, and, by converting a molecular compound to an ionic compoundincreases the melting point and thereby ensures a solid product. Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate is one marketed formulation delivering dextroamphetamine.

The following table compares the drug to other amphetamine pharmaceuticals. Lisdexamfetamine was developed by New River Pharmaceuticals, who were bought by Takeda Pharmaceuticals through its acquisition of Shire Pharmaceuticalsshortly before it began being marketed.

It was developed with the intention of creating a longer-lasting and less-easily abused version of dextroamphetamine, as the requirement of conversion into dextroamphetamine via enzymes in the red blood cells delays its onset of action, regardless of the route of administration. In Januarylisdexamfetamine was approved by the U.

Food and Drug Administration for treatment of binge eating disorder in adults. Production quotas for in the United States were 29, kilograms. Lisdexamfetamine is a contraction of L -lysine - dextroamphetamine.Dexedrine dextroamphetamine is an effective medicine for treatment of ADHD, but often abused for recreational purposes. Dexedrine Head-to-head comparisons of medication uses, side effects, ratings, and more. Vyvanse lisdexamfetamine Prescription only.

Dexedrine dextroamphetamine Prescription only. Helps you focus and stay alert. Treats attention deficit disorder. It is usually dosed once a day, so parents don't need to send the medication with their children to school.

Can take the capsule as a whole or mix the contents with water, orange juice, or yogurt. Available as a chewable pill form. Recommended as a first-choice treatment of ADHD. Available as generic version. For more flexible dosing schedule, Dexedrine dextroamphetamine is available in short and long formulations. If you have difficulty swallowing pills, Dexedrine dextroamphetamine is available as a liquid. Need to take Vyvanse lisdexamfetamine in the morning, otherwise it can cause difficulty sleeping at night.

Vyvanse lisdexamfetamine is not available as a generic medication, so it is expensive. This medicine has the potential for abuse and dependence.

Can cause serious side effects for the heart. Can also slow growth in children and cause weight loss.


Taking Dexedrine dextroamphetamine can decrease your appetite. If taken late in the day, Dexedrine dextroamphetamine can cause insomnia. People who take high doses of Dexedrine dextroamphetamine are more likely to have anxiety, restlessness, or irritability.

Requires a new prescription from your doctor every month.Can you guess whether I was under the influence of Adderall of Vyvanse when I wrote this? There's no question that drugs can affect how productive your study sessions are. If you're comparing Vyvanse vs Adderall for studying then you're on the right track, because these medications are some of the most robust concentration enhancers. If you want to study for more than 6 hours, I would recommend Vyvanse over Adderall because it's a far smoother up and down than the either Adderall XR or taking multiple instant-release Adderall.

How are Dexedrine and Adderall different?

If you're prone to inattention and concentration issues, being on the right psychostimulant can make a world of difference. Many students never adjust their dosage or find a medication that compliments their individual neurochemistry. This is a recipe for giving up on medication too soon and never giving it a chance.

Studying takes real mental effort. To really learn, It's not enough to passively read a textbook.

dexedrine vs vyvanse for studying

High-yield studying requires constant engagement with the course material. Solving practice problems, orally sharing information with peers, creating study sheets for yourself - these are all ways to remain engaged with the course material.

The essence of ADHD and inattention in general is a lack of a sense of urgency about important things. Studying doesn't feel urgent to you; it's not stimulating enough to captivate you. Psychostimulants can help you create a sense of urgency that enables you to actually engage your course material.

But it's important to be on the right psychostimulant, at the right dose. The key difference between these two drugs is that Vyvanse gradually releases dextroamphetamine the active drugwhereas Adderall instantly realeases both levoamphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Adderall is short-acting and more strongly activates the sympathetic fight-or-flight nervous system. Vyvanse lasts twice as long, and the onset and offset of effects are smoother.

When it comes to studying, both Vyvanse and Adderall will enhance concentration and improve productivity. Since Adderall has the l-amphetamine isomer in addition to d-amphetamine, it has a little bit more "kick.

But on the other hand, Adderall gives you more control over the timing of drug. Hence, there are tradeoffs between Vyvanse vs Adderall. Don't forget that Adderall is more potent than Vyvanseand so lower doses are needed. I'm a purest, and so I prefer Vyvanse to Adderall most of the time for studying. I find that the focus conferred by Vyvanse is "cleaner" and more mental.

ADHD and substance abuse are highly comorbid they tend to co-occur. Well, there's some tentative evidence that the type of ADHD that is associated with substance abuse may respond better to Adderall than Vyvanse.

My Experience With Vyvanse vs Adderall For Studying - Which is The Ultimate Study Drug?

Substance users are often seeking the thrill associated with norepinephrine noradrenaline release. In the context of ADHD, norepinephrine signaling may be genetically hypoactive not active enough in the brain. Adderall is better able to correct this hypoactive noradrenergic function since it more strongly affects norepinephrine than Vyvanse does. When comparing Vyvanse vs Adderall for studying, it is also important to acknowledge that lower doses are better.

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