Bathroom design ideas india

Here are some nice Indian bathroom designs with admirable interior work. Take a look and get inspired, pick up some designing tips and ideas too. Indian bathroom designs usually have a sink, toilet and a shower area.

bathroom design ideas india

Having a bathtub is a luxury which needs a lot of space, proper maintenance and is a bit heavy on the pocket. A good bathroom needs careful designing, ventilation, lighting, and right placement of sink, toilet and bath area.

Check out these perfectly done bathroom designs by Indian designers:. This is a nice bathroom with a cool matching floor and wall tiles. First there is the sink which is set on top of a floating vanity. The bathroom is well-lit and everything looks right on place.

Here is a simple rectangular bathroom with some interesting details to it. The bath area is at the far end with a skylight above it. Think a bit different; go for a stony grey interior.

Break the monotony by adding a mirror and lots of wall art. I love the quirky sink. Get this gorgeous bathroom design for your house. This bathroom has a sunken bath area surrounded by plants and sunlight falling from the glass ceiling.

At times less is more; this Indian bathroom proves the same. The vanity offers lots of storage space for linen, towels and other bath essentials. Keep the bathroom clean and dry by installing glass dividers. Check out this black bathroom with a pop of electric blue and yellow color.

Pick mosaic glass tiles to enhance its look and make it more appealing. Courtesy of Fadd Studio. Use colorful tiles and team it up with white floor, wall and ceiling.

Go for white vanity and a broad white-framed mirror to make it more interesting. Courtesy of Spaceplus, Photography by Tejas Shah. What a chic sleek interior design!You want to know what is the real bane of urban living? As we move into isolated nuclear living models and our homes get smaller in size, functional spaces like bathrooms become compact.

Indian bathroom designs were not traditionally compact, but good design is always about adapting your space to your lifestyle. Hence, our bathroom design ideas must now shine, not shrink! Also, you need to ensure that wet and dry areas are segregated for safety and ease of maintenance. Here are some of our best Indian bathroom designs to help you open up small bathrooms and make it look brighter and bigger.

You could try these with or without renovations. So while you are discovering bathroom design ideas, also explore the reasons why your bathroom may need renovation. Usually, when we are trying to fit in storage or furniture into a small bathroom, we look around us to find the right spot or space for it and more often than not wind up cramping the space.

When space is scarce and you need to fit in essentials, try using vertical space. Ladder units are the new normal for small bathroom designs. You can use these to store toiletries, keep fresh bath linen or just hang your wet towel. Here are other amazing ways in which you can use vertical space. We all know that mirrors reflect light and make any space look larger than it is. And when you choose to hide storage behind mirror panels shutters for vanity units you will actually be killing two birds with one stone.

Small bathroom decoration becomes much easier when you choose mirrored or reflective finishes for vanity units.

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Like the idea? Also check out more ingenious ways to add storage to your bathroom. When designing the bathroom, make sure large windows are a part of your plan. This will let in plenty of sunshine to light up the small bathroom so it feels visually vast.Luxury now has an online name. Click Luxury Design Products to see the full range of luxury brands and interior products available in India, from Italy, Germany, Sweden and more.

Send inquiry and negotiate for best offers. Get attractive deals based on your order history. Outsource all your headaches of getting products customized to your requirements and installed at site. Browse through these Turnkey Solutions from top Brands in the country. We as humans are constantly on the lookout for explanations for the wrongs in our life, some find it convenient to blame their fate and some on something as simple Bathrooms are the starting point of our everyday life and we all want them to be well laid out.

Be it a small space or large; innovative bathroom fixtures, bold colors, radical designs and creative decoration ideas can help you create an incredible bathroom and a good choice of accessories can complete the picture with style.

bathroom design ideas india

Forgot password? It's ok. Professionals Architects. M9 Design Studio Bangalore, Karnataka.

bathroom design ideas india

Shobhan Kothari Mumbai, Maharashtra. Manish Banker Pune, Maharashtra. Access Expert Help Let us help you connect with the right Architects! Find Landscape Architects. Interior Designers. Monika Bhatt Surat, Gujarat.

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Madalsa Soni noida, Uttar Pradesh. Studio an-v-thot Architects pvt. De Square Architect. Public Spaces. Turnkey Solutions Outsource all your headaches of getting products customized to your requirements and installed at site.

bathroom design ideas india

Glass Solutions for Acoustic Needs. Glass Solutions for Privacy. Glass Solutions for Aesthetics. Glass Solutions for Security. Glass Solutions for Energy Efficiency. Featured Event. Partner Events. Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology rescheduled to 30 September - Interviews Thought Leaders In-depth conversation with Dr. Brinda Somaya on Life - Architecture and much more.Discover cleverly planned simple Indian bathroom designs for your homes.

Nowadays apartments are not very big and so are the bathrooms. Small bathrooms are a common feature in most Indian homes. Sometimes, they are uncomfortably cramped because of the space crunch.

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However, you can maximize the available space through clever designing. Here are some wonderful simple Indian bathroom designs to give a special look to your bathroom. Stylish and simple Indian bathroom designs like these compel you to pause and take a look!

Take a peep at this gorgeous bathroom with white tiles and wash basin. The oblong wash basin and the ceiling look quite interesting.

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Huge mirror above the vanity adds elan to the bathroom. There is a small window that allows lots of fresh air and sunlight in here. Plan a perfect bathroom design for small areas. Keep a tab on the placement of basin, toilet and shower area.

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The vanity below the basin countertop serves as a good storage space. I like the idea of creating some extra storage behind the toilet. Segregate the bath area using glass panels. Courtesy of Madhvi Kedar Interior Solutions. This small Indian bathroom looks simple and neat. It is well-lit and the opaque window in the bathing area welcomes some natural light too. I love the mirror above the vanity. The bathroom is attached to the bedroom for easy accessibility. Use of horizontal lines elongates the look of this small bathroom design.

These simple Indian bathroom designs flaunts stylish and modern sanitary ware.If you are interested in getting a custom design consultation specifically for your bathrooms, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you with details.

Beautiful Small bathroom Design ideas that are cool and stylish - Interior Decor Designs

Send us the information below. We will get back to you with details. While considerable money is spent on the functional aspects like the plumbing, electricals, tiles and sanitary fittings — lack of space is often a major constraint, especially in many apartments. There are a few ways you can work around such limitations but the first aspect is always the layout.

It is important — particularly in the case of a small bathroom—to focus on the best possible configuration, keeping in mind the visual aspects and simultaneously cater for various functional requirements.

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Shankhwalker architects featured on Prismma. A linear layout can be given some visual interest by introducing curves in the space. Large mirrors and accent lighting create a sense of space in even the most constrained square foot area.

Bathroom Tile Designs

To maintain a synergy with the adjoining rooms while selecting tiles and colours, it may be worth your while to try and incorporate elements of design which would work well with the room decor. Both in terms of palette and theme. Guest rooms can be given added detailing to make them interesting and colourful as they are used infrequently. One thing you could do is to use paint in the dry areas, which can be changed more frequently,with relative ease.

Wallpaper can only be used where humidity is low and there is plenty of ventilation. In terms of the cabinetry it is best to choose something that complements the entire setting. Options vary from frosted glass panels to wood. Interesting handles add an extra pizzazz. In a small space, it is best to try and make the cabinetry merge with the walls as much as possible —- rather than accentuate the lack of space.

There are many options available for countertops and glass can be used for partitioning. Light plays a very important role in making even the smallest bathroom seem large. Using different kinds of lighting elements is a key factor in completing the design circle.

Your email address will not be published.When discussing interior design or making a plan to renovate our home, only a few of us would remember to mention the bathroom interior design.

Bathroom designs are taken for granted but in fact, do play an important role in the overall planning of a home. One of the main reasons for such an omission of bathroom design consideration is because we usually perceive this space as the utilitarian area which has to be rather more than beautiful, or maybe because its small size creates the impression that it will be easy to decorate it.

In fact, bathroom ideas require the same degree of complexity as any other space in the house. The truth, however, is that modern bathrooms are offering priceless tricks for creating both a pleasant ambiance and functionality, and we have to do our best to turn them into stylish havens rather than keeping them to our second thoughts.

10 Beautiful Indian Bathroom Designs

The best way to afford a luxurious bathroom without paying too much for it is to find the appropriate tiles, because if failing up in this respect it may equally destroy the overall toile design but also the way in which the bathroom interior feels. When good tiles are in place, however, the bathroom can easily become the focal point of the house. The choice of a right pattern may be the most challenging though, especially if you start looking at the bathroom tiles pictures.

Nevertheless, be careful with the design and the style, because tiles have more than a decorative role in the bathroom — they need to both look good, but also have the less discussed function of protecting the walls from moisture for as long as you need them to. The best bathroom designs always start with an inspired choice of tiles.

When picking colors for the modern bathroom designs, consult the family first, and decide whether there is an applicable scheme to suit all tastes. Plain tiles would suffice an unfrequented room very easily, but the cozy private spa of the family deserves better than that.

As we said, bathroom design ideas are not as easy as they may look at the first sight. It is because of this that we encourage you to choose as part of the simple bathroom designs vivid and bold colors or to apply the decals your children like so much, especially when you have in mind small bathroom designs. For an elegant setting, pick schemes that include creamy whites, beiges, or gorgeous grays.

Usually, the monochromatic floor suits small bathroom ideas. The bathrooms design planning allows you to be creative, and to apply all the patterns you think would be cheerful and would make you feel good each time you go to the bathroom.

The latest bathroom designs are a pleasure for the eye, but also offer a very comfortable space, either it is a small bathroom or the size of a big living room. Instead of leaving them last, consider the choice of lights first, as they have a major role in the mood of your new bathroom.

Any modern bathroom design considers the lights as an important part of the development of the design patterns in general. When it comes to ceiling-mounted lighting, try not to skip it, as visibility means the world to your bathroom interiors. If you prefer it to be more stylish than the regular, you can always add your favorite chandelier, a couple of scented candles, vapor-proof down-light paths, or focused shower cabin lights.

For more luxurious ideas, you can easily find inspiration in the Indian bathroom designs, where comfort and luxury are a match made in Heaven. It is always better to pick the right one and give it the attention it deserves. Bathroom styles come in a lot of colors and patterns and finding the right beautiful bathroom idea takes time. The first and most visible sign of an outdated bathroom is its dull plate-glass which shows the tear, wear, and all other damage from the past, and it is, therefore, the first thing that needs to change in the bathroom.

The simple bathroom tiles design are reflecting in a big mirror completely different.This California bathroom gives a nod to the home's midcentury origins. Modern elements like the freestanding tub and vessel sinks mix with eclectic and bohemian touches, including leather cabinet pulls, patterned concrete tile and a traditional carpet.

This big bathroom has a basic foundation: white subway tile walls and a white double vanity. What takes it into seriously chic territory is tuxedo-crisp black trim and a patterned concrete tile floor. Wood framed mirrors and a wood supported vanity add a touch of warm color to the cool and bright look of this white bathroom design. A gray vanity with his-and-her sinks is accented against the bright backdrop. This richly colored main bathroom from HGTV Magazine's "Copy the Cozy" features a bold, kelly green vanity against a black accent wall.

This modern cottage bathroom features a mosaic glass tile wall, soaking tub, brass fixtures and glass shower enclosure. Stodgy medicine cabinets were replaced by these two-toned beauties; their palette of black and earth tones pulls together the rest of the room's black, gold and wood accents.

A light blue vanity and brass pulls are a pretty surprise against this bathroom's black-and-white, mosaic tile floor. A cactus adds a fun, playful touch. Brass sconces on both sides of the mirror add unique, vintage detail to this main bathroom space.

This main bathroom features Moroccan-style influences such as the borders around the doors as well as broad archways and unexpected patterns. This large main bath is great for a couple who loves a lot of space. The marble backsplash and thick quartz countertops, combined with the porcelain tile floor and soaking tub, emphasize luxury.

Sophisticated black walls with a subtle softness provide a dramatic backdrop and add moody style to this chic space with a Western flavor. From the mesmerizing floor tile to the slanted ceiling, this bathroom is nothing but first-rate design inspiration. One of designer Emily Henderson's tactics for decorating this small bathroom was to match metals, from towel bars to faucets, for a more cohesive appearance.

11 Small Simple Indian Bathroom Designs

This powder room feels so elegant with its elaborate woodland wallpaper and delicate gold details. It's a perfect example of how a small room can be the ideal place to show off a bold or richly colored pattern. A pocket door divides the two sides of this bathroom while the floor's pattern visually unifies them. A modern desert theme is carried through both spaces via the sandy-colored cabinets, rug and cactus accents. Pure white walls and ultra-white tile helps this main bathroom feel bright while the full windows and skylight fill the space with light.

A glass shower is featured in this coastal bathroom. The white shiplap walls complement the black vanity while a cherry red rug adds a dash of color. Talk about an upgrade! After replacing the tub, TerraCotta Design Build installed a chic chandelier that brightens the space and generates visual interest.

The designers also replaced the towel rack with floating shelves to give the owners even more storage. A teeny tiny bathroom with a luxurious soaking tub gets extra fabulous with the addition of the red and yellow-tiled floor. The gray wallpaper's intricate pattern becomes a sophisticated neutral background for this bathroom's brass mirrors, sconces and fixtures. A large, arched window lets plenty of natural light into this neutral, remodeled space creating a warm feeling throughout the main bathroom.

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